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Utilized by over 50 national retailers, the Retailer Doc Clerk Service provides increased cost savings by eliminating discrepancies caused from missing or outdated drawings. The Retailer Doc Clerk Service handles the document management and construction project plan distribution between Retailers and their General Contractors – all at no cost to the Retailer

Pantera Tools Integrated Plan Room is a Bid and Project Management platform that provides a tailored solution for every Retailer and General Contractor. Recognized as one of the top commercial construction products for 2016 by Constructech Magazine, Pantera Tools continues to evolve it's offering providing the industry with unparalleled features. Recently launching constructions app for the field, Pantera boasts the most cost-effective means for Retailers, Owners and General Contractors to collaborate, real time, to insure successful and on-time project engagements.

ProQual by Pantera performs due diligence document collection, verification and additional business screenings of our Clients’ subcontractors, contractors, vendors and suppliers. With customizable solutions, ProQual solidifies pre-bid and post-bid qualification tools giving General Contractors the information needed to stay informed and make better subcontracting decisions. Our fully integrated web-based system provides a turnkey process for Retailers, General Contractors and their subcontractors.

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